USA Hair

THE FACTS: Any company selling Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian is actually selling Chinese hair. Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with Chinese hair but genetically it doesnt blend well with \"our\" hair. Here is why, People of color, naturally have hair with curls. These curls are because our hair follicles are oval shaped. People of Asian decent have round hair follicles. Round hair follicles make a perfectly straight tube leading to silky straight hair. That is why you RARELY see Asian women with curly hair. Indian women have a very similar genetic makeup to our hair (They look sooooo much like us, but don't tell them, They are in Denial!\") In USA between 95-98% of hair purchased is NOT VIRGIN. There are good companies who have quality products but most \"Beauty Supply\" and \"Online\" hair is not top quality. The reality is that Fake Virgin Remy hair is easy to sell. Most of the hair sold in USA is from from China. This hair is usually Acid washed and then silicone coated. It has a silky ,glossy look when you see it. Unfortunately, that silicone washes away and the tangle and matting begins shortly thereafter.