Malaysian Hair

Malaysian hair is from China. This hair is acid washed and processed . This hair is non-Remy and has been coated with silicone to appear silky and shiny. I encourage you to do your research. Virgin hair extensions are a huge investment. Remember hair from the Asia area is not genetically like our hair. The hair follicles are round ,not oval as our hair tends to be. That is why our hair is naturally more tightly curled. When is the last time you saw a person from China or Malaysia with curly hair. Never, because their hair is always straight. It is beautiful and straight. They MUST process their hair to give it any type look. That includes wavy, bodywave, curly etc. Don't fall victim to processed non remy hair. This hair is always stripped of its natural protector, the cuticle. This stripping (from acid chemicals) leaves the hair unprotected and vulnerable to easy deterioration. Thus, your instal becomes dry, brittle and tangles very easily.