Our signature origional 100% Indian temple hair. This naturally grown hair is unaltered from its creation. This virgin remy hair is donated at the temple and the collected with extraordinary care. The hair is cleaned and washed to remove any impurities. We then professionally weft the hair and package it for purchase.


This hair is collected from the northern region of India. Ladies in the north have hair follicles which are almost round . Round hair follicles make the hair more straight. Please note that our straight hair will have some curve to it. The reason for this is genetics determine our hair texture. If you notice most Asian women have perfectly straight hair. Asian hair cannot hold a curl because the follicles are perfectly straight. Indian women have a oval follicles, therefore Indian straight hair naturally has a bit of curve to it. You will love the full thick and lush hair this region produces.


Our Indian wavy hair comes from the middle region of India. The ethnic mix of indigenous people in the middle region yield a lovely blend of straight and curly hair. Therefore, the women of this area naturally have wavy hair. Enjoy the pleasure of the bounce and body you will have with Remyluxe wavy hair.


In india, the southern region is known to have beautiful scenery along with women of naturally curly hair. We exclusively collect from Kerela, India for our curly hair.A lovely variety of spiral to loose curly are readily found in this region. We are proud to supply only the best quality of natural, unaltered virgin hair from Kerela