The Express Virgin Hair Experience

What should you expect from us? 100% Virgin Remy Hair

  • Realistic hair response to beautician styling
  • A free flowing product that is all natural
  • Enjoy a seamless transition from you hair to Express Virgin Hair extensions

At Express Virgin Hair, we know what you demand. As a customer, you want the highest quality product available. That is why Express Virgin Hair will supply you with exactly that product. We know how important it is to have the best virgin hair. All virgin remy hair extensions should be made from the best virgin hair. If you are searching for quality, we will provide it with no room for compromise. Express Virgin Hair will never offer a product that does not meet our strict requirements. We are not a company that will falsely label our hair as Brazilian hair. Express Virgin Hair is 100% Indian temple hair. Your purchase from use will be rewarded with a superior product consisting of only virgin remy hair. When you have an instal made with virgin hair it will be a seamless transition for your natural hair to our virgin hair extensions. At Express Virgin Hair we are careful to keep our standards as high as yours. We recognize that you see beauty supply stores eat every corner in America. As we all know, those beauty supply stores are all Chinese. These stores claim to have virgin hair. Some do, however, 99% of all these stores are selling processed hair. Remember it is IMPOSSIBLE to call any product virgin hair that has color on it virgin hair. Virgin means virgin!! It is also impossible to have virgin remy hair in certain textures. Kinky curly is NOT a natural texture. It is beautiful ,but it is processed hair. Have you ever wondered why your virgin hair extensions wont bleach well? Simple answer, its nit virgin hair. The best virgin remy hair can be bleached to ANY color. "Brazilian hair" from these beauty supply stores will give you fits when you try color it. Even those big online suppliers such as Ali-Express are Chinese. They do offer a very cheap product but, do your research. Know what you are buying. If you want the best virgin hair use a reputable company. The Express Virgin Hair experience will be one you can enjoy. Our commitment to you is paramount. At Express Virgin Hair, we never want you to have a concern about problems. As you know, two of the main problems with virgin hair extensions is shedding and tangling. Even the best virgin hair will have some shedding. All natural hair sheds but it should not be excessive. Excessive tangling is usually an indication that you do not have virgin remy hair. Remy hair is hair that has the cuticles aligned in one direction. Processed hair has the ends of the cuticles cut and chemically processed and then the hair is placed in the weft. The problem is these hairs are then running opposite directions. These opposing hairs are the source of tangling. In addition, keeping your hair clean is essential. All virgin hair extensions should be kept clean. We recommend washing your virgin hair every 7-10 days. Thats right ,7-10 days. You and I both know that is very difficult to do BUT try to stay as close as possible to that time frame. It would be great if we were all rich and had a nanny, cook, gardener, maid etc. That would make weekly hair washing sooooo easy. However, since none of us are Beyonce ,Cierra or Rihanna , lets do what we can ;)