Major difference between Virgin and Non-Virgin Hair

Luscious hair locks have been women utmost wish since time immemorial. In your case, if hair is thinner or shorter than you wished, and then you can count on human hair extensions. There are many advantages of using virgin hair extensions in today times. Virgin hair perfectly blends with your natural hair. If someone wear virgin hair in same shade as own hair, then no one will notice the difference. Other than length, hair extensions add impressive volume, which help women with thin hair. If you have any style in mind, then you can color and style your hair extensions as you do. Generally, hair extensions are made from hair roots of human hair and can alter to enjoy great selection of colors and styles. Apart from human hair, another hair extension which is available in the market is synthetic hair. Human virgin hair will help you to generate a natural look while synthetic hair is more visible. Human hair extensions are more durable than synthetic hair. If you care virgin hair, then it can usually stay connected for many months.

Virgin Hair Extensions:

Virgin hair extensions are a phrase used to explain a set of hair that has not been chemically treated or altered in anyway. The chemical alteration of hair includes popular methods like dyes, perms, bleaching, and other popular process.  The cuticles are intact in case of virgin hair because virgin hair has not gone through any process. Due to this reasons, hair is smooth and tangle free hair. Obviously, work is needed in order to maintain the look and feel of the hair. Virgin hair extensions have no uniform color throughout the lock. It has different highlights range from dark to shiny light color. Virgin hair is not extremely straight or silky in nature, that’s why it looks more natural than non virgin hair. The most important quality of virgin hair is its pureness because the donor has never gone to salon to get their hair curled or colored.

Remy Hair Extensions:

Remy hair can be seen in the premium segment as far as hair extensions quality is concerned. Remy hair extensions are bundled in such a way that, the roots of the hair are on one side and tip of the hair on the opposite side. Due to the fact that, all cuticles are placed in same direction, the hair extensions stay undisturbed making it more durable and long lasting. This hair extension comes from a single donor, which is why it ensures consistency in texture. This is the reasons, it tends to provide a smooth texture and allows your hair to last longer and style in natural way. That is why all Remy hair extensions are virgin hair but not all virgin hair extensions is Remy hair.


Non Virgin Hair:

Usually, non virgin hair extensions are chemically treated and dyed with colors to give them a natural look. The roots cannot be found in non virgin hair because; it is normally collected from multiple sources and processed to correct cuticle alignment. It then further processed to make it look wavy, curl or sleek appearance. Non virgin hair extensions normally sold in cheaper rates than virgin hair. It last for few months with proper care. Non virgin hair is a middle quality hair in between virgin Remy hair and synthetic hair. Under the chemical treatment, the cuticles are destroyed which drastically short the life of hair extensions. Due to its collection from different sources, the hair will flow in different directions and eventually lead to tangling.

There are many hair extensions options available in the market, which is making tough for women to choose. It is difficult to find original quality virgin hair because sufficient information and source details are unavailable in websites. At Expressvirginhair, we are committed to give sufficient information on our products and sell only 100% virgin human hair of chemical free natural hair extensions. If you are looking for beautiful but affordable hair extensions then #EXPRESSVIRGINHAIR is for you. For shopping, Visit www.expressvirginhair.com


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