How Hair extensions ensures seamless soft tangle free hair

Hair Extensions and weaves are a popular way to change look of hair. Many women use hair extensions and weaves to enhance their natural hair to look fuller, longer or both. Hair extensions proved to be good investment in terms of hair care and radically change a person entire style relatively quickly. Most hair extensions are made from human hair. When shopping for hair extensions, most of the buyers will hear words like Indian Hair, Remy Hair, Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair, Malaysian Hair etc. According to experts, Indian hair and Remy hair is the most popular and most worthy types of hair extensions due to its quality. Buyers who want dark and straight style may consider Indian virgin hairs. The highest quality hair that women are looking for is Remy hair, which is made of only best quality human hair around. It is not easy to find pure quality virgin hair or the hair which is not dyed. The color of virgin hair is very strong and healthy. For this reason, it is more expensive than others. We recommend you to buy best virgin hair from ethical virgin hair provider like Express Virgin Hair.

Sometimes, it is good and feels great to give your hair a real boost. Wearing an extensions or weave in your hair can give you the volume and length you long for. For information, Remy hair is not virgin hair, It is the hair that have been gone through chemical process, while Indian hair extensions are usually natural that has been donated and leave to weft. The length and style of hair extensions needed for any look to be achieved. Real hair is supplied in several structures like straight, soft wave, deep wave, curly, straight and many more. The type and quality of hair used in your hair extensions will drastically affect how hair extensions will look and feel. There are two types of hair is used in hair extensions, synthetic hair and other one is human hair. Synthetic hair is most affordable option but good to avoid due to its low quality. We advise you to buy only human hair from reputed and ethically sourced human hair from Express Virgin Hair. We aspire to be best source for everything related to hair extensions.

Benefits of Authentic Human Hair:

  • Natural Feeling
  • No Tangling or Shredding
  • Soft and Dense
  • Chemical Free
  • Versatile with different textures



Human hair on the other hand is little more expensive than synthetic hair but offer superior quality to synthetic option. In human hair, you can style, curl, straighten, and blow for dry in your hair without having stress about damaging your hair extensions. Natural human hair extensions ensure seamless blending and soft tangle free hair.  Human hair is the best option, if you want to wear your hair for longer period of time. Normally, human hair looks more natural and can be styled using hot tools and itches very less. It is not easy to find pure quality Remy hair evens you spent hefty price. It is the most expensive and the price is constantly increasing. These hair extensions are beautiful and more natural, so it generally look like own individual hair.

Expressvirginhair offers 100% human with guaranteed quality. Each and every strand in hair collection of Express Virgin Hair is fully human, sourced from Indian temple for religious sacrifice. Natural human hair from Expressvirginhair is versatile. You can create new style everyday without worrying about the texture and natural glossiness. You can shop our products online with different textures and collections. If you like more information on how to shop for virgin hair, drop us an email or call us. We are always here to help.


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