Virgin hair extensions for modern hairstyling

Woman hair is a presentation of her beauty. Hair is also taken as a reflection of personal feeling and an addition to a person personality. Beginning from ancient times, hair length represents anyone personal privilege and styles symbolizes which stages a person in her life. The way woman keeps and styles her hair also increase or decrease her overall look. In modern times, women are becoming more fashionable to cope of with time. For fashion oriented women, the ability to improve hair styles with respect to season or program is nothing but an essential. The history of weaves and hair extensions is very old and it is used for thousands of years. In early years, hair extensions are taken as a symbol of wealth and prestige.

Artificial hair extensions attach length or fullness to human hair. Adding supplementary human hair can change one appearance for long period of time by inflating volume, length and color without damaging texture of their own. Hair extensions of different shapes and sizes became a latest fashion trend among women as well as men.

Classification of Hair Extensions:

There are various types of hair extensions are available in the market but Remy hair especially virgin hair is the best hair to choose. Remy hair is the highest quality of hair available for hair extensions. Remy hair can be smooth, sleek and free of tangles. Normally, virgin hair comes from India, Brazil, Peru, Malaysia and some handful of countries. But the straight fact is all the human hair coming from Brazil, Peru, and Malaysia is a marketing gimmick. These hairs are from China after handled to look silky and shiny. It is a reality that, the human hairs from India are 100% ethical and free of chemical treatment. Indians hairs are black due to genetic basis and the hair quality is very good. In India, due to religious reasons, hair offering are a good origin of hair extensions market globally.

Virgin hair and Remy hair are two foremost kinds of human hair extensions. Due to its genuine source, these are smooth, sleek and pleasant than Non virgin hair extensions. Virgin hair has the best quality and all run in the same course. Virgin hair extensions are favored by everyone and most valuable among all the hair extensions.

Types of Hair:

• Virgin Hair

• Non Virgin Hair

• Virgin Remy Hair

• Remy Hair Virgin Hair:

Virgin hair is 100% natural hair from the contributor to you. Hair cannot be called "Virgin" if it has been dyed, bleached or chemically acted. Virgin hair also called as cuticle hair. This hair has been possessed from a single person/donor.

Non Virgin Hair: Non-virgin hair has its cuticles stripped and is chemically handled. Cuticles are the formal protector of hair. Hair is much less fit once the cuticles are stripped. Acid chemicals damage the hair even further and cause more shedding. Non virgin hair is not flow same direction.

Virgin Remy Hair: The term virgin Remy hair means, the hair did not endure any type of chemical processing for color, waves, and curls. The hair is present in its natural state. Depending upon origin, this hair is typically dark in colors and of elevated quality.

Remy Hair: The knot of Remy hair is done in similar manner like virgin Remy hair except the hair is mildly gone through process for color, waves and curls. This hair is tangle free and can last for long time like virgin hair relying on personal conservation and care for the hair.

Hair extensions have been used for ancient time and will redefined itself around for many years to come. A paramount factor, while buying hair extensions is, you are purchasing pure virgin hair for your money. If you are assessing for buying an elegant hair extensions for special events like wedding, Christmas or holidays, then ensure you buy from ethical hair extensions providers.


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