Barbados is based from our signature Jamaica collection. The Barbados collection has the distinction of more varied textures. We only steampress our hair, never chemically treat!! Steampress allows us to texture in Bodywave, Deep wave,Bone straight , and Kinky Curly. Please note that because we NEVER use chemicals our textured hair with keep its pattern 6-8 weeks. After that time period the hair will slowly go to its natural wavy style. Just as your natural hair keeps a style a certain period of time, Virgin hair that is steampressed will do the same. We realize that women are always evolving. Some days we want a style that is different from the day before. The Barbados collection allows for more variety in hair texture without compromising the quality of our hair. Remember, any textured hair that holds a permanent style is NOT VIRGIN. Only chemically treated hair will be permanently textured. We only offer VIRGIN hair.

Deep wave

Waves upon waves of luxurious hair.

Kinky curly

lets have fun with this wild and Bohemian style. A natural beauty

Bone straight

Straight as an arrow....