About us

Express Virgin hair was established in 2013 with the sole purpose of providing the highest quality hair anywhere in the world. We are now an International brand with locations in Atlanta Georgia, Kingston Jamaica and Accra Ghana. We offer only 100% Virgin Luxury Hair.We realize that your hair is an expression of how you feel. Women are ever changing beings and cannot be pinned into a box. Be assured that our desire is to help you boldly show the world who you are. We are happy that you are looking for virgin hair. Our company only supplies the best virgin hair extensions. Many companies are available to you as a consumer. Be sure to deal with only reputable companies that only supply virgin remy hair. It is easy to be mislead by so many false claims made by some companies. One of the biggest myths in the industry is Brazilian hair. The best virgin hair comes from India. Brazilian hair is actually processed Chinese hair. If you search, you will not find any people in Brazil that actually donate or sell their own hair. Be very skeptical of companies that sell virgin hair extensions and call it Brazilian hair. It is very popular in mainstream to label everything Brazilian hair and unfortunately, the consumers don't know the truth. Our promise to you is that we only supply real virgin hair. Our virgin hair extensions are sourced only in India. We use hair from no other countries. We have three main areas that we use for Temple donation sites. Those three areas are in north, middle and south India. These temples only collect virgin remy hair . These select temples ensure that Express Virgin Hair only is supplied with the best virgin hair available. This high quality virgin hair allows Express virgin Hair to offer our customers virgin hair extensions that are top quality. Express Virgin Hair has a zero tolerance for anything other than the best virgin hair. Our collection practices reflect our commitment to you, the customer. Each of our three temple site are monitored during virgin hair donation period. We are present during the collection of all our virgin remy hair. Once the hair is collected we transport it to our facility. At our facility the hair is inspected and washed to check for any possible imperfections. We make sure to thoroughly remove any unfavorable hair strands. After initial washing , the hair is again washed, dried and conditioned. . We then allow the hair to sit for one week. This time period is critical as it allows the clean virgin hair to absorb all the nutrients from the conditioner. This step is important because once hair is cut from the donor, there is no longer a supply of nutrients going to the hair. The best virgin hair extensions need to be conditioned very early after collection from the donor. Once the hair has been conditioned and allowed time to absorb the nutrients we then sort the hair into its different textures. Our next step is to make the wefts. Companies that make quality virgin hair extensions use a three head machine to stitch the wefts. We use this special machine to help decrease shedding . As you know, one of the biggest problems with virgin hair extensions is shedding. After we double stitch the weft, we double glue our wefts with a very soft glue. Once the weft is made, we wash and condition one last time. The virgin hair is then inspected for shedding, and tangle. After our hair has been inspected we can package and send out. These strict guidelines allow us to supply the best virgin hair to you. You will never see our hair labeled as Brazilian hair or Peruvian hair. We want you to be an informed consumer and know exactly what you are purchasing. I hope that you take the time to research ANY company you use. Honesty is important. If a company lies to you about the origin of their virgin hair, it should make you wonder what you are really buying.